Below are some of the common questions we get asked.

Yes we are fully Insured and have a fully comprehensive public liability Insurance and Trade vehicle Insurance in case we have to move vehicles at the customer’s discretion.

No sorry, we are a fully mobile service. However, we can offer as part of our service a collection if the customer would prefer a powder coat service or require wheel straightening. See our Price Guide Plan.

No.  Mobile service only.
Yes you can drive your vehicle after completion. However, we would not recommend you washing your alloys or using any chemicals that can damage the lacquer for at least 48 hours. This is to alloy the lacquer to fully cure.

Most wheels can be repaired and brought back to life. But there are occasions where a wheel/alloy will be turned away if beyond a repairable condition. We will advise you if this is the case.

We are completely mobile and bring everything with us to repair and refurbish your alloy wheels.


1. We arrive, on time with all the equipment to successfully repair your alloys.
2. The wheels are removed from the vehicle.
3. We very carefully push the tyres away from the alloy rim (though normally they remain on the wheel).
4. We tape up all visible areas of the tyre and secondary facias.
5. We set-up the necessary equipment and assess the damage to the wheel.

Repair & Refurbish

6. The damage is repaired using our state of the art techniques.
7. Your wheels are covered in a primer to prevent corrosion.
8. The exact colour of the alloy is identified and then they are re-painted to match the original colour.
9. The alloys are sprayed with a clear lacquer
10. We then bake the wheel until the lacquer is dry.


11. Your tyres are inflated and returned to your car.
12. The wheels are fitted to your car then the wheel nuts are tightened up to the recommended level.
13. We then perform a through final inspection to ensure the alloy is as new.

We always you try and advise you to wash alloys on a weekly basis keeping away any corrosive brake dust or salts from the road. We don’t advise using any chemicals or high pressure jetting as this can cause damage to the wheels and life expectancy.

This will depend on how many wheels are refurbished and how bad the damage is to the alloys. Normally we allow 4-5 hours per set.

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